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Dr Matthew Carlson

Dr. Matthew Carlson found his first experiences in patient care in the back of an ambulance as a paramedic for 16 years.  During this time he was inspired by the Osteopathic physicians he encountered and their core beliefs. Upon relocating from Minnesota, where he was raised, to the Tidewater area of Virginia, he found himself at a cross roads.  One of his mentors, an Osteopathic physician, encouraged him to return to school to pursue a career as a physician.

Dr. Carlson returned to academic life with the support of his wife and had success in his prerequisite courses for medical school. Having been accepted to Touro University Nevada, he moved west to complete the four year program and entered the residency program in Family medicine at Valley Hospital. Here, he honed his skills in helping maintaining people’s health through manipulative medicine and evidence based medical therapies.  Finishing residency, he joined a large physician led managed health care group where he was responsible for the care and management of greater than 1000 souls.

His enjoyment of teaching and a fervent desire to continue the traditions of Osteopathic medicine drew him back into academia and a post as an assistant professor at Touro University. He also accepted the responsibility of being assistant program director of the Family Medicine Residency program at Valley Hospital.

Dr. Carlson continues to see patients through the Touro Health center, assisting his patients back to the natural state of the human body; health.  His role in academia allows him to remain current in all aspects of patient care.  Dr. Carlson continues to practice the “cradle to grave” medicine that is the hallmark of family medicine practice; accepting patients of all ages.

Dr. Carlson maintains an active life style. He has participated in several marathons and continues to train by running and Spinning on a regular basis. He enjoys the challenges of the culinary arts. A long standing interest in American film studies may find him next to you at a movie premiere.  The rich environmental treasures of Nevada have continued to give Dr. Carlson many new adventures in hiking.