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What Is Primary Care?

Primary care is the medical specialty in which physicians, family nurse practitioners, or physician Primary care medicine practitioners provide routine wellness care, such as physical exams or preventative care, to patients, regardless of age, gender, health or social status. They are trained to know about many areas of medicine so that they are equipped to treat a wide variety of conditions.

What Is A Primary Care Provider?

Primary Care providers are the healthcare professionals that patients contact first for care and who see patients on a regular basis. A primary care provider gets to know patients and can provide medical diagnosis, treatment, mental assessment and management, preventative medical care and information and personal medical care.

What Are The Benefits Of Seeing A Primary Care Provider?

A primary care provider who cares for a patient over a period of years provides better guidance about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially since the provider knows the patient’s medical history or has seen patterns of health problems. By adapting lifestyle changes and new health habits, patients may be able to avoid costly medications or procedures.

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